Tailpipe Terrorism? Bursting Balloons Deliver Loud Message to Drivers

0 Posted by - April 24, 2007 - Blog

Eco-activists from BUND—the German branch of Friends of the Earth—have been attaching globe balloons to car tailpipes in an effort to draw attention to climate change. Once a targeted car is started the balloon will inflate to the point where you can read the message: “The world can't take any more C02.” The earth will then burst, adding a startling punctuation mark to the ingenious ploy.

Not surprisingly, the campaign has generated some controversy. Commentators, including some from within environmental circles, have criticized the idea as juvenile, hypocritical, useless, and terrifying. Truly eco-infighting at its finest. Indeed there's no doubt that if this was done in the United States—a mysterious land where leaving Lite-Brites lying around town causes a national panic attack—the FBI would have already paid a visit to the activist group's office. Fortunately Germany is not America, and Berliners don't seem to be jumping to the car bomb conclusion.

The most common critique, however, damns the guerrilla tactic as pointless, as it may be near impossible to read the message on the inflated balloon before it explodes. Given that the campaign has already generated a ton of media, discussion and debate, I think it's fair to say that these detractors have missed the point entirely and are, dare I say, full of hot air.

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