Sexist by Design: Mattel and American Airlines

0 Posted by - April 15, 2007 - Blog

Feministing recently posted a few articles about misguided design targeting women and girls. First up is a new line of toy cars by Mattel, cast in plastic shades of pink, purple, baby blue and mauve–yes, mauve. And taking it one step further, the feminist blog reports that Polly Pocket has recently rolled out a “Race to the Mall” race track set. “The finish line is a shopping boutique, I kid you not. Apparently after two years of research of what girls would want from a toy car, this is what they cam up with.”

Next up we turn to American Airlines, who decided that women shouldn't bother themselves with too many pesky options when booking their flights. Their recently launched website targeting women travelers features a nauseating pink search bar, stripped of anything but the most basic search options. To top it off, the site offers special “girlfriend getaways” and “accessories tips” on flying in style. As one Feministing reader suggests, of the long list of improvements she wants while flying–such as less invasive pat-downs–“pink booking sites” isn't on the list. I'm not surprised, and American Airlines shouldn't be either.

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