Multimediale Pushes Art and Politics in America's Capital

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Progressive outsourcing. What might seem like a contradiction in terms exists as a performance piece by the Floating Lab Collective, a Washington D.C. group of political artists. This weekend the group will perform Protesting on Demand, in which members will stage three-minute protests on issues suggested to them in emails sent it from around the world.

The piece is just one part of a four-day radical art festival entitled Multimediale. The fest will include an art exhibition, performance pieces, video art, video games, and a few talks and discussions. Some examples include a diatribe on antibacterial soap, a burial site for the American nation, and a video screening called You are my torture / I am your chamber.

Niels Van Tomme, the curator of the festival, told the Washington Post that he was disappointed by the city when he first arrived. “I came to D.C. and I thought I would experience all this exciting, radical, political art. I didn't find any of these things.” He created Multimediale in part to help fill the void of political art in a capital city overrun with bureaucrats and Blackberrys.

For more information on the festival, visit their website.

Photo: Frank Theys, Self Portrait, from You are my torture / I am your chamber.

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