Militainment Inc: Yours to Download

0 Posted by - April 28, 2007 - Blog

Have you noticed the creeping war drums beating in popular culture? Well one media maker has, and in response to the militarization of pop, has produced a video called Militainment Inc for your downloading pleasure. The video is a 2 hour exposé of the collusion/collaboration between the two not-so-distant cousins, the military and entertainment industries. Roger Stahl, while writing his book, Militainment Inc, decided to write, produce and narrate a quilted video of interviews, news clips and popular entertainment segments, mostly taken from American television and film industries. The result is a compelling nine part series designed for educators in their efforts to disseminate a counternarrative to the Military Entertainment Industrial Complex. Stahl describes the project:

Militainment, Inc. is a nine-part critical investigation of the militarization of popular culture. The pieces of the puzzle – from video games to reality TV – combine to form a larger picture of the integration of entertainment and military affairs. The film asks: How has war taken its place as an entertainment spectacle? and What does this mean for the ability of our democracy to consider this most destructive of human activities?

The best part of all of this is that the media piece is available for download from the project’s site, or through torrent (recommended). Watch, discuss, spread, enjoy.

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