Idolatry that Melts in Your Mouth, Not Your Hands

0 Posted by - April 2, 2007 - Blog

Christian fundamentalists in America are once again bullying the art world, and although they have won the battle, they very well may lose the war. A planned exhibition of “My Sweet Lord” — a life size, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ — was canned after religious zealots threatened boycotts and bloodletting.

The sculpture by revered food artist Cosimo Cavallaro was slated to go up in the Lab Gallery in Manhattan. The Roger Smith Hotel that houses the exhibition space, however, made the decision to axe the show, prompting gallery director Matt Semler to resign in protest. According to Semler, the art was victim to “strong-arming by people who haven't seen the show, seen what we're doing. They jumped to conclusions completely contrary to our intentions.”

It seems, however, that the bible thumpers may not trump Cavallaro after all. There has since been an outpouring of support for the artist and his sculpture by the art community, with offers to purchase or exhibit the work arriving from all directions. While he contemplates his next move, Cavallaro is keeping his confectionary Christ locked away in a refrigerated truck in an undisclosed location. Let's just hope he's still there when the truck door is opened this Easter weekend.

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