This Video Game Will Turn You Off

0 Posted by - March 23, 2007 - Blog

Have you ever wanted to photocopy your fanny while saving the world? Well now you can, thanks to Turn It All Off, an energy savings game brought to you by the 1E Energy Awareness Campaign. Designed to relieve the boredom of corporate cubicle dwellers, the objective of Turn It All Off is to… well, it's pretty damn obvious.

The game relieves the tedium of otherwise uninspiring environmental responsibility by throwing in puzzles, surprises, a funky organ soundtrack, and the evil twin of The Flash who can't seem to kick his carbon-based fuel cravings.

Having sat through one of Al Gore's evangelical powerpoint presentations last night, this spritely game is incredibly refreshing, if not cathartic. Many thanks to Water Cooler Games, who taught me that the sleepy worker in the first level can be bribed away from her idle PC with a fresh pot of coffee. Let's just hope the beans are fair trade.

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