The Gays of Our Lives w/ Vaginal Cream Davis and José Muñoz

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A series of events starring Ms Vaginal Davis and professor José Esteban Muñoz, and featuring queer videos, performances, lectures and much more.

The Gays of our Lives w/ Vaginal Cream Davis and José Muñoz
Wednesday March 7, 2007

the Gays of our Lives
featuring Vagina1 Davis + José Muñoz

The Gays of our Lives
March 16th to March 25th, 2007

A series of events starring Ms Vaginal Davis and professor José Esteban Muñoz, and featuring queer videos, performances, lectures and much more.

Friday March 16th, 5pm Queer Horizons
Lecture by Professor José Esteban Muñoz AND…
Beware of the Holy Wh ore A performative presentation by Vaginal Davis McGill University (855 Sherbrooke W)
Leacock 132 (this event is wheelchair accessible)

Saturday March 17th, 5pm
Gays of Our Lives Opening
articule Gallery (262 Fairmount O)
*queer shorts program
*Performance and Video screening by Vaginal Davis
*Informal discussion about queer video and performance moderated by Vaginal Davis and Jose Munoz

Presented by articule Special Projects and La Centrale Powerhouse Gallery (this space is wheelchair accessible, but the bathroom is not)

Saturday March 17th, 11pm
After Party Le Studio (2111 Saint-Laurent Boulevard) Hosted by Vaginal Davis With DJ Will Munro and the Asspirates

Performances by Mikiki, Donzelle … and more
$5 (no one turned away)
(this event is wheelchair accessible)

March 21th to March 25th
Gays of Our Lives Installation
La Centrale Powerhouse Gallery
(4296 Blv. St. Laurent)

About Participants:

Vaginal Davis is an originator of the homo-core punk movement and a gender- queer art icon. Set apart from gallery-centered art, and Hollywood movies, and from those systems'
necessities of high-polish, low-substance production, Ms. Davis's performance, experimental film and video practice has critiqued exclusionary conceits from the outside. Davis has been a prolific producer of club performance, video and Xerox- produced Zines, and other forms of low-cost, high-impact work. Ms Davis derails collector-friendly raciness in spectacles of femininity, queerness and blackness. She critiques both the gallery system and the larger cultural trend that it mirrors, with tongue-in-cheek self-exploitation and provocations of racial and gender confusion.

José Esteban Muñoz is an American theorist in the fields of Performance Studies, visual culture, queer theory, cultural studies, and critical theory. His book Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics (1999) is a foundational text in queer of color critique, and a major contribution to minority scholarship in the field of Performance Studies. He has also co-edited Pop Out: Queer
Warhol (1996) with Jennifer Doyle and Jonathan Flatley and Everynight Life: Culture and Dance in Latin/o America (1997) with Celeste Fraser Delgado. Muñoz is currently the chair of the
Department of Performance Studies at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He is currently completing two manuscripts, the first Feeling Brown: Ethnicity, Affect, and Performance is forthcoming from Duke University Press, and the second Cruising Utopia: the Performance and Politics of Queer Futurity will be published by NYU Press.

This is a co-presentation of QPIRG McGill, Queer McGill and the Q-team in collaboration with McGill Office of the Dean of Arts, the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, articule Special Projects, La Centrale Powerhouse Gallery, The Union for Gender Empowerment, The Center 2110, QPIRG Concordia and The Concordia Sexual Diversity Alliance. For more information contact: (514) 994-4595 qpirg@ssmu.

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