Progressive Designing Community Projects in the UK: Dott 07

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Designs of the time 2007 (Dott 07) is a year-long initiative of several community-based projects, exhibitions and events that take place in North East England concerned with sustainability, accessibility, and social inclusion. Did I mention design? From Dott 07:

Dott 07 projects set out to improve six aspects of daily life in practical ways. They deal with health issues, food, school, energy, tourism, and travel.

Inspired by the question, ‘Who designs your life?’, Dott 07 focuses on grass roots community projects; but there are also projects involving more than seventy schools, plus exhibitions and events in museums, galleries and rural sites. All events explore how design can benefit our lives in meaningful ways.

The year culminates in a twelve day Festival in NewcastleGateshead in October 2007. The Dott 07 Festival will bring together the results of projects and enable all the people involved to share experiences. The Festival will be an opportunity not only to celebrate their achievements but, more importantly, for many more people to find out how to do similar projects for themselves.

The six main community projects are: Urban Farming, Low Carb Lane, DaSH (Design and Sexual Health), Move Me, OurNewSchool, and Alzheimer 100.

For more information on this innovating initiative, visit the Dott 07 site.

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