No Nudes is Good Nudes: Norwegian Censors

0 Posted by - March 15, 2007 - Blog, Public art, Visual art

No butt cheek was left uncovered, no phallus unsheathed. Norwegians awoke today to find that a midnight marauder had censored the sculptures scattered through Oslo's Vigeland Sculpture Park. With the exception of one lone figure, every scrap of nipple, crotch or posterior was covered with black strips of paper, no matter the size nor position of the statue.

The unknown assailant left an explanatory note behind: “There is too much nudity in newspapers and magazines, so here on the bridge the limit has been reached!”

Some background on the sculptures from Wikipedia:

Probably the most famous park in Norway, it was created by sculptor Gustav Vigeland between the years 1907 and 1942. Most of the sculptures date from the years 1926 to 1942.

The park has as its theme what could be called the “Human Condition.” Most of the statues depict people engaging in various typically human persuits, such as running, wrestling, dancing, hugging, holding hands and so on. However, Vigeland occasionally included some statues that are more abstract, and to some degree defy understanding

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