Mashing Things Up: OpenSourceCinema and Brett Gaylor

0 Posted by - March 20, 2007 - Blog

Vlogger and filmmaker extraordinaire Brett Gaylor has launched a website for his newest project The Basement Tapes, the world's first mash-up documentary, and he wants YOU to contribute to the mash. The doc is about copyright issues, the music industry and that whole fandangled culture of remix, snack, mash, and bang-up. Gaylor will be challenging copyright laws and big bad corporations with the doc, which is set to come out in March 2008, by including all kinds of media that the powers-that-be maintain is their “intellectual property.” It's quite likely that the film could launch a nasty law suit, but hey, that sounds like good PR for an indy doc! Gaylor is currently at the South by Southwest filmfest discussing the issues around open source, public knowledge, remix culture and corporate-friendly copyright. Check out the podcast here.

For those interested in mash-up, visit Gaylor's project site,, and contribute to the meta-mash, which will eventually be included in the documentary film. And if you're a lawyer reading this, or someone interested in the constantly misinterpreted laws around copyright and fair use, check out the Creative Commons site, a veritable warehouse of information on these issues.

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