Jaman: social ecinema at home

0 Posted by - March 18, 2007 - Blog

Yes, ecinema, electronic cinema. jaman has made it onto the scene, and into your homes for some new options to world cinema viewing.

Because, it can be slim pickings for interesting or diverse cinema choices at the box offices. And, the chances of seeing independent non-Hollywood films in the theatre, paying less than 12 dollars a cushioned seat, while not drinking 5 dollar pepsi water is now almost unheard of.

And, with the likes of youtube, and divx making it easier to justify watching films off the TV and out of the multiplex, and with an increasing need for quality social cinema site for viewers interested in world cinema, and social networking, jaman, the site for watching, interacting, and finding new cinema in quality resolution came at the right time.

If you miss the lastest indie cinema at a film festival, want to see what other filmmakers are making, and/or are a filmmaker looking to distribute their film, jaman is a great place to make these interactions, and talk about the films you are watching. There's added value, and the viewer can own a place in the movie watching experience by commenting for other viewers, and for the filmmaker, as well interviews and other goodies on the site.

It's not free, but its not a lot either. And with the costs of making, shipping 35mm prints and tons of dubs, ecinema is an environmentally sound way to distibute films across the world, and into your home with better than DVD quality.

It's not your local movie house, but it turns your house, or computer, into a personal social networking cinema spot. Which is just another way to interact with massive amount of quality media that is being made, and not by Hollywood.

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