Iran's New Banknote: A Rial Nuclear Threat?

0 Posted by - March 26, 2007 - Blog

As a not-so-subtle reminder to the West that their nuclear program is here to stay, Iran recently released their new 50,000 rial banknote, complete with the nuclear insignia of electrons dancing around their atomic counterpart. [banknote detail]

Conceived in response to inflation, and, one would suppose, American hypocrisy, the new bill is worth about US$5.50, more than twice as much as Iran's previously most valuable banknote.

How will the West respond to this monetary reminder that Iran is a sovereign state? Surmising as to Britain's response, Stuart Jeffries of The Guardian perhaps has the most honest suggestion: “The new Adam Smith £20 note must be pulped immediately and replaced with one emblazoned with a Trident nuclear missile hovering over Tehran.”

Now if only politicians spoke so candidly.

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