Hackers, Educators, Artists, & Activists Working Together: The 3rd Annual Chicago Hackmeeting, Mar 17-18

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The third chicago.hackmeeting is coming up in – you guessed it – Chicago, March 17-18. This is a gathering of hackers, activists, artists and educators coming together to talk social change. This year’s gathering is loosely themed on education as a component of radical social practice and educational institutions as sites of resistance. Talks and workshops will include: + inside the One Laptop Per Child project +Counter-recruitment in Chicago schools + circuit-bending, net graffiti and electronic civil disobedience + live collaborative coding projects + live performances and screenings. The conference is FREE to attend, which is pretty great. And for those of us who cannot be in Chicago that weekend, we are invited to participate online via discussions on their website, which is also a nice gesture.

For more information and to contact organizers go here.

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