Great Blog About Art Crime @ networked_performance.

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For a great blog about art crime, check out Jo-Anne Green, Michelle Riel and Helen Thorington’s March 6, 2007 blog titled Poetic Terrorism and Guerilla Art in the 21st Century. They provide an excellent and thoughtful overview of art crime in today’s paranoid times. Their article begins with the origins of the term “guerilla art” and then offers an excellent introduction to the work of activist artists including bansky, Mode 2, the Guerilla Girls, Steve Kurtz, the yes men, the Venice Billboard Correction Committee, Jason Sprinkle, Nazrin Mazoi, Christopher Boisvert, Zanny Begg, Fernando Botero – and even the January arrest of Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevendorf, two Boston artists who were hired by Turner Communications to install LED lit cartoons around the city. It freaked out local authorities and the artists have been arrested for creating a bomb scare and causing panic. Freaky times.

To read their excellent blog go to networked_performance.

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