Fox Stopped! Obama Wins Respite From Right-Wing Wingnuts

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This video clip and message from film producer/director Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films appeared in our inbox this afternoon, and we decided that it was important enough to pass along in full:

Dear activists, colleagues and friends: We have a terrific victory to enjoy today. The Fox News sponsored Democratic presidential debate in Nevada has been cancelled…

Activists all over the country came together — from the netroots to grassroots to MoveOn to bloggers to the film we at Brave New Films created — in a stunning and powerful rejection of the myth that Fox is a news station.

For those of you who have helped spread the word by spreading our Fox Attacks: Obama video [above] far and wide. Thanks for amazing work. We want to continue the work of calling attention to the distortions, lies and propaganda that is Fox News. Please help support our continuing efforts:

  1. Donate to Fox Attacks.
  2. Watch Fox News and identify local advertisers.
  3. Subscribe to the News Hounds weekly newsletter. They watch Fox so you don't have to!

Enjoy this important step in making very clear we will not accept propaganda as news any more.

Robert Greenwald and the Brave New Films team

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