Feminism(s): Film, Video and Politics Symposium

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The deadline has passed for submissions to the Feminism(s) Symposium in film, video, performance and workshops, but it's not too late to attend. The conference takes place in West Hartford, CT, between April 20 and 22nd, and will have the following speakers (among others): Abigail Child, Dara Greenwald, Jeanine Oleson, Maureen Turim and Sasha Waters. Fore more details read on…

This symposium will be a catalyst for dialogue and collaboration among feminist scholars, filmmakers, artists, activists and curators. Contemporary feminist film and video work will be screened and discussed in round table format. Papers will be presented on critical questions surrounding the intersections of feminist politics,scholarship, and media production. The symposium will also include workshops in the spirit of activist media projects such as Pink Bloque and Pilot TV.

Anticipated topics for presentations include:

Community Based Cinema and Alternative Distribution
Women in the Avant-Garde
Psychoanalysis and Film
Phenomenology and Embodiment Theories
Trauma Theory
War and Spectatorship
New Media and Feminism
Appropriated Media and Feminist Reconstructions
Performance and Film
Queer Media
Capitalism and Spectacle
Post-Colonialism and Third Cinema
Futures for Feminist Media Theory and Practice

Organized by the University of Hartford Cinema Department. Support for this symposium was provided by The Women's Education and Leadership Fund, a Legacy of Hartford College for Women at the University of Hartford.

For more on this conference visit the site or write to Jennifer Higginbotham.
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