chronaMora: New Media Installation Confronting War Crimes Against Women

0 Posted by - March 23, 2007 - Blog

Artist deb king has created a moving and disturbing online installation drawing attention to crimes against women and children in times of conflict and war.

A visitor to the chronaMora site finds an image of the earth orbited by many moons. Each of the moons links to a region of stories through text and soemtimes sound. The Rape of the Sabine. Sri Lanka. Burma. West Indies. Armenia. And many more. What becomes clear very quickly is that crimes against women and children in times of conflict are happening everywhere, and the horrible violence seems almost unrelated to the specifics of the conflict – a deeply disturbing implication.

A visitor will also find reproduced in full Article 27 of the (4th) Geneva Convention. Article 27 states, in part, that: civilians are entitled to respect for their persons, their honour, their family rights, their religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs, and that they shall at all times be humanely treated. Women shall be especially protected against any attack on their honour, in particular against rape, enforced prostitution, or any form of indecent assault. The (4th) Geneva Convention was created to protect civilians in times of war.

These are under-reported crimes of “collateral damage”. A timely and disturbing installation. Sponsored by The Womens Media Center.

To view the installation go here.

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