Call for Submissions – Films on Queer and Trans Resistance

0 Posted by - March 5, 2007 - Blog

No More Potlucks reports that submissions on the themes of Queer and Trans Struggle & Activism are being sought for for this year's Inside Out Gay and Lesbian film festival, to be held in Toronto in May 2007. The festival draws nearly 30,000 people each year and has never had an explicitly political program like this before.

Please get in touch with t ziniuk if you are interested in submitting or have a recommendation for an appropriate film.

Description: “Up From the Gutter, Yours in Struggle” will showcase films that focus on queer and trans activism, oppression and resistance. It will give a voice to the fighters in our community whether defeated, defended or victorious. Why? Because too many people in our communities live unaware of our rich history of resistance. Because AIDS is not over. Because Stonewall was a riot. Because censorship continues, as do attacks on bathhouses and sexual freedoms, rights and dignities. Because bashings still happen. Because we live in a province that is retracting health rights to transsexuals. Up From the Gutter, Yours in Struggle will feature the heroes and everyday people who fight to keep our communities and themselves alive, keeping up with the heavy heartbeat of queer resistance. See you in the streets, and on the screen.

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