Atkin's Worst Nightmare: Your Name On Toast

0 Posted by - March 3, 2007 - Blog

Have you ever wanted to see your name up in toast? It's not quite a Broadway marquee, but a quirky little startup is offering you a chance to have your name immortalized on an actual piece of toast, which is posted to an online gallery so others may bask in your starchy glory. And if they really like your toast, visitors can click on it, bringing them directly to the website of your choice.

As the folks from Your Name On Toast admit, the idea is a bit silly, but “silly ideas get talked about a lot”. They also get blogged about a lot, driving a lot of attention to the website. But before the venture capitalists out there start getting any wacky ideas, get this — all toasty proceeds are going straight to charity.

So be sure to get your toast before it's gone…. or more precisely becomes priced way out of your league. While the price per slice began at $5, digital bread is not exempted from the laws of supply and demand. Today's toast will set you back a minimum of $60, and the more you pay, the more prominent your toast. But that's still chump charitable change for the amount of web traffic you're likely to receive in return. Get cookin' at

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