Antibalas Beefs Up Security with Latest Record

0 Posted by - March 19, 2007 - Blog

If you haven't heard that afrobeat all-stars Antibalas released an album last week, you certainly wouldn't be alone. Buried alive under the media saturating hype surrounding Arcade Fire's new release, Antibalas' latest offering, Security, went relatively unnoticed. Security, however, draws few comparisons to the hipsters' second release, offering seductive rhythms, vibrant energy, and meaningful lyrics to anyone ready to lend an ear.

Despite the torrential storm out of Montreal, several mainstream publications were able to muster reviews of Security, with both Playboy and Rolling Stone giving the album a near perfect rating.

According to the smut mag, “the twelve-member-plus collective's fourth album offers jazzy Afro-Latin jams that are intricately assembled and totally rock in spots. The brass and keyboards organize themselves into riffs and tunes that overlap and soar toward heaven, underpinned by grooves ranging from invigorating funk (“Beaten Metal”) to breezy shuffles (“AGE”) to terrific pan-Latin bounce (“I.C.E.”).

Playboy, meanwhile, finds pleasure with the more 'bulbous' aspects of the record: “Security takes the band's compositions to a higher plane, filled with vibrant tones and unfettered diversity. Bulbous, orchestral brass lines march across energetic and inspiring opener “Beaten Metal,” while the smoking “Filibuster XXX” builds up tension before exploding into a messy, Mingus-like jazz breakdown.

Pick a copy up at your local record shop, or through the Antibalas website.

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