Wearing Political Art: Demockratees

0 Posted by - February 24, 2007 - Blog

The tried and tested method of expressing politics through garment art has a new player on the scene. Move over so-called progressive American Apparel, there's a new t-shirt vendour in town who's politics tackle everything from sexism to First Nations representation (although, in the fine print, Demockratees does purchase from AA, instead of the better, under-hyped NoSweat). Pawhuska, Kansas based Demockratees sells apparel that is not only ethically, sustainably and fairly made, but that also delivers powerful political art below your chin.

The nationalism on the company's site is forgivable (models pose in front of an American flag to display various t-shirt designs – pictured at right) in the present climate where American progressive activists are battling government, media, and the mainstream (conservative middle America) to re-articulate what it means to be “American.” If that means selling gear with messages like “Retire all Indian Mascots” than all the power to them.

From the treehugger tee to “This Machine Kills Fascists” (the machine is a guitar) Demockratees has progressive political wear for nearly every struggle. And it's not just a bunch of pretty garments, the organization expresses an honest and pro-active commitment to engaging in transformative politics. From the Demockratees ethics section:

“It is our mission to convey grassroots revolutionary ideas of equality to our customer through unique, independent, and bold design, manufacturing, and distribution of our products.”

So, if you're in need of tee, hoody, poster, or sticker, and want it to say something meaningful, visit Demockratees and check out their gack. Who knows, you may end up on the six o'clock news for whatever reason, and broadcasting the message even further. (The Demockratees crew even spotted their “petrolocide” tee on mainstream television's “O.C.”)

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