The Mexican Devil of Political Cartoons is Back

0 Posted by - February 27, 2007 - Blog

Could anything be funnier than watching someone you despise rub their eyes after chopping jalapeno peppers? As hard as that is to top, satirical magazine El Chamuco is back on Mexican newsstands, once again causing unavoidable laughing fits after ending several years of suspended animation.

Slang for “devil”, El Chamuco features the work of Mexico's brightest editorial cartoonists, taking aim at the country's political outlaws and oligarchs from a left-wing perspective. Artists include Rius, Rafael Barajas, El Fisgón, Antonio Helguera, Helioflores, Hernández, Jis y Trino and Rafael Pineda.

Many of the cartoons can be found on this supposedly non-affiliated blog, which has yet to be shut down by the copyright gestapo.

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