New Interactive Service from Yahoo: Big Innovation or Blog Pip?

0 Posted by - February 24, 2007 - Blog

Yahoo has introduced a new interactive service called Pipes, basically a simple graphic interface that lets you take one data stream – say, an RSS feed, and transform it into another command – say, a search for photos on flickr, or whatever, and so on. The innovation is that you don’t have to be a Unix coder to create chains of increasingly complex inputs and outputs. And, you can clone anyone else’s set of pipes. It potentially opens up powerful remixing tools to general users of the internet. It seems at least possible that some sophisticated alternative news monitoring, gathering and filtering systems could be set up, maybe like creating your own little channels on the world – the global warming pipes, the people’s acts of resistance pipes, the police brutality pipes, the corporate directorship pipes, the internet neutrality pipes, the every-time-the-National-Post-lays-a-thick-steamy pipes…

Some net pundits are calling it an “internet milestone”, as in, there will be no going back.

Check it out. Tell us what you think.

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