Banksy replaces Paris Hilton albums with altered version

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The Banksy-Paris Hilton CD

The Banksy-Paris Hilton CD

Profit Pop took a hit recently as political artist Banksy removed hundreds of the new Paris Hilton CDs from music stores throughout the UK, replacing them with Banksy’s own “altered” version of the album. It’s not surprising that a human being who so utterly personifies the disastrous collusion of corporate malfeasance and greed with the vaccuous and violent ignorance of Western pop culture is also the target of a political art campaign by one of the west’s greatest creative agitators.

Shopdropper Banksy crept into nearly 50 record shops across Britain and replaced Hilton’s debut album with 500 copies of his own rendition, taking time to replace the bar code on the altered versions so customers would—and did—complete their purchases.

Banksy’s remixes on the CD include titles such as “Why am I Famous,” and “What Am I For?” Images on the album cover and inside jacket show Hilton with a dog’s head and in various model poses with bubble captions such as: “Life wasn’t meant to be fair” and “Every CD you buy puts me even further out of your league.”

One manager of an HMV admitted that it was difficult to find all the imposter CDs and even complimented the guerrilla artist on “a good stunt.” Paris Hilton herself admitted that the new tracks sounded “different” and “weird.” Looks like corporate music has a new corporate spokesperson, and Banksy has yet another muse.

Interested in shopdropping? Want to print up your own labels, replace merchandise, mess with the system? Well now there’s a how-to video. Enjoy!

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